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Business Sustainability despite a Pandemic

Business Sustainability despite a Pandemic

The current environment to which our business has been set to survive in the second quarter of 2020 was not anticipated. We probably had plans to scale up, or scale down, or stock up, or do sales, or participate in a trade fair. Needless to say, those plans have been shelved, leaving room only for uncertainty.

However, as business owners, particularly female business owners, we have not come this far to give up. Setting up a business as a woman in Africa has not been without its rising challenges, but we have managed to surmount them. We have birthed our dream and made it thrive, and though the times are currently not smiling, we have the capacity to rise above the difficulty.

These are some ideas to help you stay relevant, and thriving amidst the Covid-19 lockdown.

  1. Go Digital- There is no business that can successfully scale up in the 21st century without having a strong online presence across the web. Whether you are into the sales of food, fabric, hardware e.t.c, your buyers can reach out to you without coming to your physical outlet. Service providers must also find ways to package their offerings in such a way that makes it easy for customers to purchase them.
  2. Trainings – Due to your busy schedule, you have probably never had time to settle down and put your knowledge into a curriculum. It will surprise you that a lot of people would like to go into your area of business, and need the skills you have. Sometimes, you may be reluctant to share your knowledge because you want the monopoly, but it’s almost impossible to enjoy monopoly based on our business setting. Thus it is recommended, that you position yourself as a market mentor, and make money while at it.
  3. Strategic Planning – Many of us have been running our business for years, without taking a break to plan strategically for the business growth. A time like this can be a blessing in disguise, forcing you to take a break and re-evaluate your choices. This can indeed be very good for the business, as you can take a look inward, compare global standards, and re-launch your business successfully. You will be surprised at how much growth can be achieved when you do a proper strategy to help position your business accordingly.

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