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Business Starter Pack: 5 Essential Apps To Know As An Entrepreneur

Business Starter Pack: 5 Essential Apps To Know As An Entrepreneur

When you start a business, it is one of the most fulfilling things to do when it has taken years of thought and planning. However, to maintain the momentum of your business, it is important to consider how technology can positively affect the growth of your business profile.

Here are five essential apps to have hands-on experience as an entrepreneur.

  • WAVE:

 As an entrepreneur wave offers you a seamless way to invoice sales. This takes away the burden of omission and the ability to easily forget sales and inventories tally. Entrepreneurs can send customized invoices to clients, scan receipts, get payment notification, send a payment reminder, and accept card payments.


The moment you own a website, it is important that you begin to use Google Analytics to measure the success of content, particularly audience segmentations. Thus, you can begin to make target advert based on the performance of contents and the segments that each potential lead comes from, the soul of every business is the ability to make informed decisions and Google Analytics gives the platform for this when data is properly handled.

  • MAP:

You should be able to connect the world in one click by simply employing the use of a map. As an entrepreneur, your ability to link locations is very vital to the effectiveness of your presence to client needs. If you have not been employing the service of maps then this the time to begin.


Social media presence is important for every business. Despite any stiff schedule, you might never be able to meet with the demand of updating your channels daily this is the point where you make a content calendar and schedule them to automatically post on your behalf using any of these two platforms. Note that there are other automated social scheduling platforms.


Ride-hailing services are very important for you as an entrepreneur, you must have these apps on your phone, transportation is essential to the growth of your business.

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