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Balancing Motherhood with your Career.

Balancing Motherhood with your Career.

Motherhood is a dream many females have nursed from childhood to adulthood. Little wonder several women go above and beyond to ensure that nothing hinders this from happening.

However, despite the thrills of having one’s own child or children, raising a family can have unintended consequences for mums who want to pursue a career.  The impact of this has affected a lot of women’s attempt to achieve a steady climb up the career ladder. But like every other issue of life, proper planning can ensure achieving a balance.

Truly, we agree that a perfect work-life balance may feel unattainable, so here are some strategies that can help maintain sanity at both fronts.

  1. Set a Routine – When you are trying to achieve a double medal in two great areas of life, you can’t afford to slack. It will be cool to take life as it comes, but successful people have a routine. This will ensure that your life is organised, and it will limit surprises. In your routine, you can make allowances for exercises, time to eat, the best place to put your child/children while you are away at work etc. This gives you peace and a sense of confidence to face the day, because nothing is all over the place. This is not to say that there won’t be a few emergencies, but those will be easily managed if you don’t have numerous surprises popping in and out.
  1. Prioritize your Tasks – Being a mother and a career woman makes you a super hero of some sort. However, you cannot do it all at the same time. So you have to set a plan based on what is most important per time. For example, a very intense period at work where a major deal is being chased shouldn’t be the time you are planning a party for your child. As much as you should also be able to take time to attend to a sick child, or a one in a lifetime school function.
  2. Work Efficiently – This is going to be your life saver, because it ensures that you finish your task on time and can go ahead to face your family duties. So, gossiping away during work hours or spending more than approved time at lunch shouldn’t be a pattern for you, because you don’t have extra time to waste on making up for lost time. Outsourcing chores that drag you down and doesn’t require your expertise will also free up space for you to achieve more.
  1. Be Fully Present – It is also important that you concentrate at all times. You can’t afford to be distracted, thus making a mistake that will cause you to repeat the process all over again. Being fully present also helps ensure that you are enjoying each process, and paying attention to the little details that help ensure you do a superb job as a mum, and are so efficient at work, you can’t but climb the proverbial career ladder.
  1. Enjoy some Time to Yourself – You deserve to enjoy yourself as an individual, so create some alone time for some entertainment, your partner and your environment. Too much work can be frustrating and suffocating, eventually leading to depression and sometimes giving up. So despite how impossible taking a break is, you should put it in your schedule.

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