Q: Phone rings: Mummy, Roli said I am a rat… (heavy tears),

                Mummy, can I have chicken with my food?

                              Mummy, I want to sleep!!

These are the calls during the day at work that reminds you that summer holiday is here and it’s here to stay for a while.

I love my kids but these calls could get lovingly annoying. What can i do to keep them occupied during the much needed break?

A:  Here are some great ideas we cooked up just for you:

  • Summer Camps: Times have changed, now people think vacation abroad. Summer school used to be a must! Some form of lesson had to be done. Summer school is still great way to engage your kids and now they offer more extracurricular like robotics, swimming, coding, cooking, art and craft etc to build their skills. Find one around you and sign them up
  • Internships: Depending on the age of your kids, internships are key! especially with the way the job market is set up these days where you need 5 years work experience before you start an entry level job. Use your network, talk to a friend to allow you child seat with them in their business. You can even offer to do the same for their kids so you rotate. No experience is wasted! They also see what it means to go out every day to make what they want to spend in 2 seconds.
  • Volunteering: Everyone loves free help. There’s always somewhere your kids can volunteer it could be church, orphanage, food banks etc. Take the time to find what’s around you. a simple google search is a great place to start
  • Holiday Projects: You might not have the luxury of summer camps and play dates around you, but you can set projects with them. Make it fun, it could be finishing a book in one week for xyz, it could be paper-mache projects with newspapers for presents. Any idea to keep them busy during the day. Kids will love this because of the price incentive You also have to be dedicated and hype the presents.

What other summer ideas do you have for kids?

Please help a sister and share in the comment section.

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  • Great suggestions!! I particularly like the idea of internships and volunteering which are geared towards older children. I wonder what equivalent activities could be done for younger children.

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