Q: How do I Receive Money from my Customers in other African Countries?

A: Congrats! Your business has expanded internationally. One of the dreams of many businesses is to have paying clients abroad. There are several available payment channels but I recently switched to using ACCESS AFRICA and here’s why…

  1. It is safe and secure! No stories
  2. You receive your money instantly (Cash is king!!)
  3. You can immediately receive payments from several African countries
  4. No bureau de change hassles. Your customer sends in his/her local currency but you receive in your own local currency (if you prefer local currency. The US dollar option is also available.)
  5. Your account is credited directly or you can choose to receive cash

How to get started? Simply ask your customer to go to any Access bank branch in their country and ask for the ACCESS AFRICA service. It is open to both account and non-account holders of Access Bank.

Africa, is next door!

You can click https://www.accessbankplc.com/personal-banking/money-transfer/Access-Africa.aspx to read more.

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