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Amazing Tips To Get Promoted At Work

Amazing Tips To Get Promoted At Work

A large percentage of women actually believe that they deserve to be in a position higher than they currently occupy. However, though this may be true, many of us will remain in the same position for a long time.

If you work in an organisation where appraisals are done periodically, and your work is evaluated towards giving you a much needed reward, then you are lucky, and truly one of the 20 percent of the working woman. Unfortunately, even this does not guarantee that you will be given the remuneration or reward that you desire. The under listed points, are some of the five things you must do to change your own work destiny, and climb the ladder to becoming a boss.

  • Do the work – This may seem obvious, but it’s number one on the list because a lot of us actually speak about what we deserve, complain about what we are not getting, and become complacent. To get noticed, you need to remain consistent in doing good work. The chances of being rewarded whenever an opportunity arises are higher when you are known for your hard work.
  • Go the extra mile – If you are one of those that can’t wait for the closing time to strike, so you escape from work, you are definitely also running away from opportunities. A person who deserves opportunities is the one who is willing to do beyond the call of duty without a grudge. And trust me, a lot of organisational changing decisions are made after work hours, and you want to be there when these decisions are made.
  • Provide Solutions – Your value proposition as an employee is very instrumental to how much growth you can enjoy. Are you the kind of person who is known for finding answers to questions no one has a clue about? Do you help your colleagues in achieving their goals? Does your boss find you indispensable? Your answer to this question will tell you if you truly deserve this promotion you are going on about, or you actually need to work on yourself, and skills.
  • Improve your skills – If you are still the same person you were when you started with the organisation, then you are not growing. And if you are not growing, do you think you deserve a promotion? Maybe not. Education never stops for a career woman, you need more certifications, and more knowledge in general. A large part of your online time should be used watching webinars, researching and increasing your capacity.
  • Be cheerful and look good – Your countenance and appearance cannot be taken for granted. Organisations like their top officials to look good because it lays good examples for others, and it represents the organisation in a good way. In addition to this, looking good makes you an appealing person. So it is wise to add cheerfulness, a good dress sense, and kindness to your checklist, and soon you may be getting that promotion.

We will like to know other steps that you consider important or have worked for you in the past, so we can talk about it in the comment section of our post below.

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