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5 Things Business Owners Should Stop Doing On Social Media

5 Things Business Owners Should Stop Doing On Social Media

Businesses have begun to harness the power of social media, particularly the ability to sell to returning customers while trying to reach a wide number of audience interested in product and services offered.

As it stands, digital marketing has been a very good extension to traditional marketing, particularly because it has metrics that apply to business DNAs and can also be measured whether short term or long term.

However, some businesses still make social media mistakes that impede how effective this can be to the ultimate goal of the brand. Here are some mistakes to avoid as a business owner:


It is interesting when trends surfaces, individuals, and brands begin to jump on them to appear appealing to their primary customers.  However, it is important to note that not all trends are worth jumping on, as some of them could alter your brand’s DNA. Thus, this would gather as many negative sentiments for the brand as best as it can. Never forget that the internet never dies.


  Click baits are interesting when they similarly get you close to the kind of engagement you want from potential buyers, but that does not keep them from their views about your services. It is important to give accurate information about your products and services. Never assume that Social Media gives an advantage of changing quality products since buyers can’t see them before purchase. It actually reduces your credit score, also owning to the fact that most buyers and clients tend to approach your brand based on what they see and read it is important to be truthful at every given time.


As a business owner, if you feel the stress of handling your social media page(s) is on the high side, then get an extra hand to do that. You have to be consistent with the kind of content that goes up on your page. Always remember that a brand has a different tone of voice, so never handle your brand’s social media page as if it is your page.  A plus for you is to never or over publish content, as this would ultimately affect your appeal.


When selling a product on social media one of the biggest mistakes you would ever make is to have a product without a visible price tag. It isn’t just Instagram or Facebook, think these social network sites as some sort of departmental store. Labelling your price for a product in your copy makes you look more transparent as against when you ask each client to check his or her direct message for the price of a service or product.


As a business owner, who is leveraging on the power of social media, it is important to embrace proper social listening. Know what is said about your brand and when it is said. Social Media is also a sustainable medium for customer service.

At no point, should you leave a client request unattended to. Pay attention to their recommendation for a service well done; also apologize for services below their expectation whilst promising to fix it.

 This little act put you up as a brand who not only sell but also cares about the way end-users perceive its products and services.

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