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5 stereotypes about women and money that need to stop.

5 stereotypes about women and money that need to stop.

There are so many misconceptions about women and we are here to set the record straight. Over the years, women have been conditioned to live in an unrealistic standardized box created by society. It ranges from beauty assessment to sex delusions, and even money. They are constantly being hackneyed by stereotypes that undermine their self-esteem.

Well, this is the 21st century and here are money-related stereotypes about women that needs to stop now. Enough of the assumptions and generalizations.

  1. Women cannot afford luxury:

wow, she is driving a Benz, a man is footing her bills” “oh can she make those foreign trips, behind every small girl is a big god.If you have ever said these lines before, we forgive you, go and sin no more. The idea that women cannot afford to purchase good things without the help of a man is a damaging stereotype that needs to stop. Look around you, women are ruling business, breaking records, and working tirelessly to earn a living. How they decide to splurge is no man’s business. Everyone is entitled to their hard-earned money.

  1. In Marriage, women do not have financial capabilities:

It is often a belief in most African communities that a woman must depend on her husband for daily needs. It is a form of submission and respect, they say. If a woman starts gaining financial independence in the house, it is believed that she would take on the role of the man as the breadwinner. She is to focus on her societal roles i..e to raise the home and kids.  


The reality, however, is that women are rarely dependent on anyone for their needs. Some hardworking women have more financial independence than their husbands.

  1. Women cannot hold financial conversations.

Often, it is assumed that all women talk about is relationships, food, and clothing items. The serious stuff like politics, finances, and statistics are for men to ponder on. Financial jargons like inflation, GDP, stocks, are too difficult for the woman’s brain to comprehend.

Are you aware that women hold power positions in the financial world? The minister of Finance in Nigeria is held by Zainab Ahmed. The Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria is held by Aishah Ahmad. The chairman of First Bank Plc is held by Ibukun Awosika and a host of other influential roles held by women in the banking sector both home and abroad. The next time you want to make a financial decision, make sure to call a woman, she knows best.

  1. Women are bad with money.

We must stop thinking that a woman with so much money is an impulsive buyer. On the contrary, women are financially-grounded. They know how to manage funds, cut down expenses, and stow away in a savings account. Yes, they like to splurge sometimes ( everyone needs to be pampered), at the same time, no woman likes to go broke.

  1. Women do not deserve equal pay to men.

As of 2019,  globally women earned 79 cents for every 1 dollar men made. Being a woman doesn’t make you any less of a man and vice versa. This rule should be applicable in workplaces too. Earnings should be based on your skillset and value to the company, not gender. Women deserve financial protection too. This gender pay gap needs to stop.

Do you agree with our list? If you have more money stereotypes against women you want to stop, feel free to type it in the comment section.

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