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5 Points to Ace Your Next Job Interview

5 Points to Ace Your Next Job Interview

There are approximately 51% of workers in the world that change jobs every 1 – 5 years and approximately 82% are open to new opportunities, thus the job market has become saturated.

Considering these facts, the job interview remains the first gate way to showcase your skills and get the job of your dreams.

Let’s help you through the journey with these few points.

  • Develop a connection with the interviewer: Knowing your interviewers name is very important in an interview, building a rapport and making a personal connection with your interviewer can increase your chances of getting hired.

Interviewers in most cases hire people they like, people that are friendly and people who seem to be a good fit for the company´s culture. So research your interviewer, know their name and some few things about them, and respectfully use it to establish a connection while answering questions.

  • Be There Ahead of Time: Being ahead of time helps your confidence in so many ways.

It’s advisable to get to the interview location at least 10minutes early; this would give you enough time to use the restroom, check your outfit, and calm your nerves.

  • Ask the Right Questions: Everyone knows that at some point the question “do you have any question” would definitely come up in an interview, but most of us are never prepared for that part and find it rather not important. However, this is your time to shine. Don’t ask boring questions or ask where the interviewer sees the company going in five years, instead be creative. Ask questions that will show the interviewer that you are intelligent and best suited for the job.
  • Know How to Negotiate: Put in mind that, even though you are desperate for the job, the company is also anxious to find someone capable to hire. A lot of people mess it up when they get to the point of negotiation. In negotiation, you need to be in control and take charge of the situation. Do not give out too much information, talk less, show no emotions and always have a limit (don’t go lower than your limit).
  • Dress for the Occasion: The way you look helps with your confidence. Do not look out of place e.g. dressing very formal for an interview in an organization where their dress code is casual and vice versa. Sunglasses are a no-no please, some ladies think sunglasses make them look more sophisticated, but it’s not appropriate for an interview setting. Also, tone down the makeup, and go for a more natural look. You should also wear only shoes that make you comfortable, if you can’t walk well on very high heels, make use of a shorter one that allows you walk confidently. You need all the confidence you can get. Also try your best to use nice and soothing fragrances and don’t overdo it, sometimes it could get offensive.

In conclusion just be yourself (don’t overdo things), be cheerful, be polite, be eloquent, be confident, be articulate and make sure your breath smells good.

All the Best!

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