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5 Myths About Homemaking Debunked

5 Myths About Homemaking Debunked

Homemaking! That word on its own touches so many sensitive spots. It could stir up happy thoughts; evoke a look of disgust or pure anger. But it all depends on how it is used. Fact is, the concept of homemaking has simply been so misunderstood and misconstrued that it is now so controversial. But here, let us correct your mindset.

First of all the dictionary simply defines homemaking as the creation and management of a home, especially as a pleasant place to live. That’s it. No apron or heels, no need to be subservient or have it all together. No perfection necessary. It is simply the act of creating and managing your home, which frankly, everyone does everyday, whether intentionally or otherwise.

So why is it that the idea of homemaking gives so many modern moms and women feelings of irritation and uncertainty? Because we’ve been fed myths throughout our lives about what being a “good” homemaker is all about.

Here are five homemaking myths that you need to drop right away:


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Only Stay At Home Mums Can Be Homemakers:

Firstly, from the dictionary meaning, everyone is a homemaker. But let us delve deeper. Naturally, a stay at home mum or a full time housewife is definitely a homemaker. But how about the mum who goes to work and comes back in the evening and still makes dinner, gets the children ready for bed and then prepares everyone for their day the following day? And continues the routine daily, creating a balance for her home, without giving up her outside job? Is she making her home or not? These are factors to consider when someone tells you next time that you have to quit your job to be a homemaker. Tell them it is a myth and you are better enlightened.

Homemaking is optional:

Everyone lives in a home, whether single or married, children or adults; and these homes take on many forms over time. Your home can be good or bad, conducive or inhabitable, peaceful or hostile, but it depends on how you make it. But people are meant to live in homes and therefore homemaking is not an optional activity. It can be done with little care and attention or much care and attention. Home can be made into a place of warmth and life and joy and beauty and nourishing food of the physical and spiritual kind, or, it can be a cold, bitter, antagonistic, unhappy, and lonely place. And it can be everything in between. But our homes never mean nothing. They are never irrelevant. They are never, ever optional. So homemaking is actually, not optional. One way or another, you are making your home.

Being a homemaker isn’t for modern women:

On the contrary, modern women do this best. You see, modern women have grown and learnt and now understand the tenets of raising children, home partnerships and impacting knowledge, so who better would you have raise your kids for you? We tend to believe that somehow, cooking, cleaning and planning a family’s schedule is beneath the modern woman. But the truth is that these are just necessary activities that we must do in order to have the kind of home we desire. So in fact, the go-getter attitude of modern women is just as effective in homemaking as it is in the boardroom. We can be whomever we want as modern mothers, homemakers and all.

Professionals Don’t Have Time To Be Homemakers:

As explained above, the skills you have acquired in College over time are as useful in the office as they are at home. You could be very busy and still be the best homemaker there is. All it takes is a lot of planning, scheduling, time management and the love you build into your children.

Homemakers Do Not Need Help:

First of all, nobody is perfect, so everyone needs help. But some men tend to believe that once their wives are full time homemakers, then they should be able to magically carry on the full weight of the house, without help. After all, they are not doing anything else. This is the biggest myth of all. Every mum needs help, because making a home can truly be a lot of work.. It is perfectly okay and sometimes, even very necessary, to employ helps and maids to help I the care of your house and children, whether you are a working mum or not. Everyone needs rest and you should not have to break your back holding on to your house alone.


So do you agree with our points or do you think we got something wrong? Share your homemaking experience with us in the comments section below and let’s read your true-life experiences making a home.


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